Der smarte Weg, deine Gesundheit zu managen

The VIVA Health App

Can’t you be bothered searching for your medical documents? Again and again! When was your last vaccination? With the VIVA health app, there is no more searching, categorizing or inquiries!

Via the VIVA health app, you have access to your electronic health record at all times, your medical history as well as upcoming appointments and treatments. After a hospital stay, you can import your health data easily and in an organized fashion. You store your data permanently and central, encrypted and save.

Die Gesundheits-App mit der Du Deine Gesundheitsdaten langfristig und effizent managen kannst.

With the POLAVIS VIVA health app, you take your health into your own hands. Next, to the easy and efficient management of your data, the app enhances your ways of communicating with professionals, such as physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, physiotherapists, and nurses. You alone decide, who to give access and to which specific health document.

The POLAVIS VIVA health app is your personal safe for your health record. POLAVIS VIVA offers long-term storage of your health data on servers in Germany and according to the highest security standards. You won’t lose any more data, documents or radiographs and even at a high age, you can access a complete and sound health record at any moment.

Gesundheits-App für alle




We stand for transparency and make no secret about the awesome features that the POLAVIS VIVA health app offers you.








Overview of the Features of the POLAVIS VIVA Health App

Your medical history at a glance
Anamnesis and summary of profile for quick access during physicians appointment
Your anamnesis data also as PDF and printable via POLAVIS VIVA Web
Physicians and appointment management
Register and follow your diagnosis, symptoms and treatment data. Store your vaccination certificate.
Follow your medication and prescription data in the incorporated medication directory.
Report and documentation management including storage
Management of additional profiles for kids and relatives
Print or electronic transfer of admission data
Data transfer to physicians and professionals after approval of patient
Easy registration of personal data and upload via web.
Longterm storage according to the highest security standards in Germany