Der smarte Weg, deine Gesundheit zu managen

What features does the VIVA Health App have?

With the VIVA health app you become an active player in managing your own health and its data. The VIVA ealth app enhances your ways of communicating with professionals, such as physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, physiotherapists, and nurses. You alone decide, who to give access to which specific health document.

The VIVA health app is your personal safe for your health data. POLAVIS VIVA offers long-term storage of your data and documents on servers in Germany that uphold the highest security standards available. You won’t lose radiographs or other relevant documents and can access your complete health record at all times.

Gesundheits-App für das Management Ihrer Arzttermine

Gesundheits-App für das Notfalldatenmanagement

Gesundheits-App für Impfungen

Gesundheits-App für Patientendaten

Features of the POLAVIS VIVA Health App

Your medical history at a glance
Anamnesis and profile summary easily accessible during a doctors appointment
print your anamnesis data or save them as a PDF
Manage your physicians and appointments
Register and monitor diagnosis, symptoms and treatments. Save vaccination record electronically.
Monitor your medications and prescriptions including valuable information from the connected drug index
Intelligent document management and storage.
Manage additional profiles for your kids and other relatives
Print or transfer anamnesis data electronically
data transfer between physicians and professionals on behalf of the patient
Clear and understandable evaluations
longterm storage according to the highest security standards in Germany